Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Neurosurgeon and The Croutons

In 2004 a Neurosurgeon was suspended from work for allegedly taking extra croutons.

Hospital bosses promptly suspended him.

Three operations were cancelled.

Thats three people who needed neurosurgery.

Three diseases that needed treating.

Which genius took the decision to send the neurosurgeon home? Which NHS Manager made the smart move to suspend the surgeon from work? We'll never know. Thats what the jobsworths do, they make bad decisions and then hide. Never accountable. Never appologetic. Who are they?

Obviously someone who does not care too much for patients. There are ways with dealing with situations like this... ways that do not involve cancelled operations.

The NHS guidance is clear. Suspension of clinical staff must be a last resort, and when patient safety is an issue.

So what did the hospital, Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham have to say?

“A consultant was suspended on Wednesday following an alleged incident at the hospital which did not relate to any patient or another member of staff."

So the three patients who had their operations cancelled were not affected? What about his patients waiting to see him in clinic? Were they too not affected?

There are fewer brain surgeons in Britain than anywhere else. We probably have more managers than anywhere else.

Patients' groups were also stunned. The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association said: "This does seem extraordinary. Any patient would be astounded."

Not surprisingly the politicians did not get involved with a problem they helped create, though it was picked up by the House of Lords.

The NHS is failing. Incompetent managment is rife. It is only the patients who will suffer.

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