Thursday, 16 October 2008

Recycling Failure

The NHS Managers get rewarded when they fail.

This is why we do not have enough cash for the life saving medications.

Early 2006 Chris Appleby was the chief executive of Penine Acute Trust, until after senior medical staff and hospital unions gave him the vote of no confidence for his poor management.

Not surprisingly he did not want to leave but had too after a damning report found his "his style of leadership has caused difficulties with some parts of the trust".

Mr Appleby eventually left with a staggering £475,000 payout.

Our money is being poured down the drain.

It doesn't end there though...

The NHS rewards Managers who fail twice more.

No sooner had Chris Appleby stepped down from one trust, he was re-hired as a temporary consultant for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, a post that gives a £95,000 salary.

The NHS has too many managers and the NHS is keen on recycling failure. Not good at all.

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