Saturday, 20 December 2008

£5m and six years later!

Idiotic NHS Manager bullies suspended a heart doctor for six years at a cost more than five million his crime:

'he gave a television interview stating that 11 patients had died because of overcrowding in a heart attack recovery ward which meant resuscitation teams could not reach them in an emergency'.

Thats how NHS Managers work. They cause dangerous overcrowding, unsafe staffing levels and then when someone speaks out for patient safety they are suspended.

Dr Mattu now holds the record for the longest medical suspension in NHS history. All for wanting to speak out for patient safety. In that same amount of time Dr Mattu has not been able to see or treat patients with heart disease in the midlands.

The NHS Managers responsible for his suspensions must be investigated and sacked as soon as possible.

Their continued presence is a danger to future patients.

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paul said...

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
just keeps on the Doctors that Kill, not sure which is worse?!